The importance of a good dealer

The importance of a good dealer - We encourage new boaters to "buy a dealer" instead of buying a boat. Many first timers buy a used boat from the want ads but we strongly discourage that unless they have grown up in a boating family and already have a lot of boating experience.

They lose the safety net a good dealer provides. Ask around, shop around, and visit with other boaters and dealers in your area to find a reputable, honest, dealer that provides good service. Then take your general list of intentions for the boat (My wife and I want to fish and my two teenage boys want to tube, we expect to trailer it our to lake XXX most of the time and take it down to the ocean once a summer) to the dealer along with what you expect to spend for the whole boating experience. A good dealer can put you in an appropriate "first boat" and help you have good boating experiences. He (or she) will help you with questions, parts, repairs and winterization.

On your second or third boat you will begin to develop your own likes and dislikes about certain models and have more specialized needs. By then you will have a good network and should be able to h

I attended last year (2012) boat show never planning on buying a boat. Especially the quality of the "Trophy" boat, motor, and trailer we purchased from G & S Marine, Inc. I have sailed or powered for nearly sixty years and this has to be the best summer I ever had.
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It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I return the enclosed Customer Satisfaction Survey. I wish to add specific praise to the favorable ratings I have indicated on the survey. The dealer for that ultimately fixed my engine problems is G & S Marine in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts...
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We stopped by G&S one September weekend because we saw the boats as we were driving by. We planned to just look around and get some information. Meric greeted us and answered all our questions. He quickly assessed the type of boat we were looking for and comfortable with, and pointed out the perfect boat for us...
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